FocalPoint Research

FocalPoint Research publishes reports designed for executives and investors who need objective and thoughtful perspectives in order to make important strategic decisions.

FocalPoint utilizes numerous approaches and tools including market sizing and estimation, growth factoring, executive and expert interviews, focus groups and roundtables, on- and off-line surveying techniques, research databases and Web-based research to provide the most accurate forecasts of technology adoption available.

We offer a number of research options for our clients:

Whitepapers: Free thought-pieces and reporting on topics of interest to the community at large.

Newsletter Perspectives: A monthly newsletter covering important events and topical issues important to technology vendors and adopters. (Click here to subscribe)

Analyst Reports: In-depth research and analysis on various topics, including market trends, drivers, and barriers; demand estimation and pricing considerations; growth projections and conditions.

Multi-client studies: Research serving a small group of constituents, geared towards answering specific strategic questions and concerns relating to design, deployment, adoption, and investment in high-technology.

FocalPoint Advisory

FocalPoint Advisory helps clients interpret and utilize our research and perspective through personalized consulting engagements.

We operate in a highly flexible capacity to meet our client’s timelines, needs, and operating conditions. Through this capacity, we are able to support business modeling, partnering, and customer evaluation questions as well as standard re-education, facilitation, and decision-making processes. Our team can be configured to meet your specific requirements, with our typical engagement formats including:

Briefings: Speaking engagements conducted in-person, via phone, or over Webcast. Typically, education and query sessions where we can provide direct insight and synthesis of particular topics and issues.

Facilitation & Workshops: In-person meetings where our team develops and provides research, perspective, and process to help our clients quickly come to resolution on a set of decisions or directive.

Project Engagements: Custom research and interaction over extended periods to achieve finely tuned results for a client. Typically, in support of new product or strategic planning activities, our project engagements enable our clients to make decisions, allocate resources, and plan with confidence.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how our Advisory services can best serve your organization.

FocalPoint Catalyst

FocalPoint Catalyst services are designed to help vendors and service providers drive revenue, growth, and awareness for their offerings.

Due to the network of relationships we have cultivated over the years, we are positioned to help clients more quickly explore new customer and channel opportunities, funding and investment resources, and partnership and community development. These services are typically offered in a number of ways:

Project-based: Engagements with a delineated set of activities to accomplish and complete within a certain period of time.

Retainer-based: Engagements with an ongoing support component to enable longer-term prospecting and market development opportunities.